Back Home

4 March 2008

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Hi from Perth, I’m back and fighting jetlag, but ready to get stuck back into the project…

Keep you posted soon

Heathrow to Home

1 March 2008

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Hi from London!

Well I just got to London.. I’m here for a good few hours until my flight as this was the only bus I could catch.. I’ve just spent the last night and day with my Aunty and Uncle catching up on some family sightseeing, I went to Bristol where my Dad is from, and Western Super, and a few areas where mum grew up…
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Oxford to Western Super Mare

29 February 2008


Hi all,

Well Oxford was great , got to see a whole lot of history while here, it was a really surreal experience seeing such genuine age. I am off for a day to see my Aunty and uncle now… Haven’t seen my cousins ever so that will be great, even if only for a day!! Well home very soon!!

All the best,

Hi From Oxford

27 February 2008

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I left Manchester today for Oxford, to check out the universities and get ready for home.

I have secured an in-world residency with Paul Sermon at the Sylgrut Centre in Second Life. This allows me a free space to prototype and develop myt project until I exhibit it in May. I will post the link once its all ready to be seen. I have also applied for a PhD scholarship that m,ay be available at Salford Uni. This would be excellent as it is in SL working with 2 other researchers from different fields.
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Liverpool/Preston Visits.

24 February 2008

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I went to a great party at sandbox yesterday, which is in Preston (North of Manchester). There was catering, an inflatable room and tons of lego! The lego kept me entertained for a good hour! Sandbox is a centre for innovation and creative technology in a brand new building:

Preston is about 40 minutes north of Manchester and was well worth the train ride. I went there with Alan, an artist studying at Salford who also works with Second Life, and his partner Rachael, a film lecturer. They were great to hang out with and we’re going to the Bodyworks4 exhibition tomorrow. That’s the plastination exhibition by Gunther von Hagens. Here is an example:body_worlds_aethlos-711322.jpg Read more »