Austrian Taxation.. Hmmm..

9 March 2008

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So I apparently have to pay 230 Euro tax on my head mounted display.. I checked the law and Austrian taxation is a bit over the top!! It is due to me being an end user rather than a business, so I get taxed more because of this.I’m going into the ATO as soon as possible because I’m sure this is not correct.. Hmm, will keep you informed.

I got back a couple of results for my job search- got one no and one into the next selection round. I am finding it a bit tight for time at the moment which is frustrating me slightly, but hopefully this will ease over the next week. I still have to finalise the method of presentation for the exhibition, but everyone seems to be away at the moment so I am playing a bit of a waiting game at the moment. I’m researching using planes with the AR project so I can incorporate the animations into the project. This may not happen before I have to present, but I have advertised for programmers and animaters to get on board, which will speed the process up! I am now in a bit of an awkward position because in order to keep moving forward I either need to get more assistance or learn very complex processes in not a lot of time. I’ve settled on plugging away for now until it works itself out.

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