Residency Winding Up

26 March 2008

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Hello, well my ANAT residency is about to finish a few days from now. Looking back it has been quite an adventure!! Read more »

Vibewire E-Festival of Ideas

17 March 2008

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I have been asked to be a forum panellist for this year’s Vibewire E-festival of Ideas. the theme is 2018: New Frontiers in Digital Arts. It is a pretty strong panel and should form a great discusiion, along with the other topics being discussed. It will be in Early April so stay tuned for more details… the site is

Hot links

12 March 2008

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Hi there, so I’ve been investigating importing/exporting from second life and came across these great site.. Basically they have developed a way of acheiving what I was researching currently… Read more »

Austrian Taxation.. Hmmm..

9 March 2008

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So I apparently have to pay 230 Euro tax on my head mounted display.. I checked the law and Austrian taxation is a bit over the top!! It is due to me being an end user rather than a business, so I get taxed more because of this.I’m going into the ATO as soon as possible because I’m sure this is not correct.. Hmm, will keep you informed. Read more »

Project Update

6 March 2008

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Now I have had a few days to settle back into the project, Unfortunately my contact with my support base has been thin due to their independent commitments, so I have been looking into the theoretical side of the project. As the processes in the project are new, I am having to maintain quite a wide method of content for now… Read more »